On Definitions

On this blog journey (40-ish reflections in 40-ish days, leading up to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation) I find myself wondering if this experience is keeping me humble, or if I become more mentally inflated each time I hit “publish”.

When it comes to our attempts to define right and good faith we must always come back to a point of humility. We do not know all the answers, nor can we ever. And in that sense, we must have good and right fear of defining things so clearly they become distortions of the truth, and in the end not the truth at all.

We must beware of defining things so clearly that they become unbiblical.

The Scriptures contain eternal truths blanketed in mystery and we must always check ourselves, that we live in awe of this mystery.

Now, does this mean we shouldn’t attempt to define things at all? Does this mean we sit idly, instead of walking on a faith journey with God, seeking God? By no means. Defining things is part of a faith journey, and a faith journey can help us become well and whole, in both the present time in which we are called and in the Eternal Kingdom. The desire to define things though must be balanced with us also marveling at the mysteries of faith.

So we keep seeking, yearning, and desiring eternal truths, knowing that much of what we think and say today may be syphoned away tomorrow. But in the end, God’s eternal truths will remain.

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