On Marveling

Our modern society is information driven. We seek out facts, desiring to know the answers to everything. We rarely step back and simply marvel.

In the Gospel narratives, those encountering Jesus frequently find themselves in wonder when they hear Jesus’ teachings or see His actions. Different translations have used different words for this: astounded, amazed, baffled, astonished, confused, and dumbfounded. Many times the feelings are even more fully described with an adverb: utterly astounded, completely amazed, exceedingly astonished, sore amazed beyond measure.

Today, we don’t value marveling, and without marveling we miss seeing Jesus fully. Instead, we create our own version of Jesus, based on a system of beliefs we choose to glue together. Our creation hides the Jesus that would make us utterly astounded.

If we appreciated marveling it would be right and good to “not know the answer”, to read Scripture and have “no idea” what is going on, and to simply follow Christ in faith. If we marveled more, we might find ourselves praying in new ways, meditating on Scripture throughout the day, and following the call of Christ boldly.

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