On Relationships

Martin Luther challenged the church teachings on relationships for priests and got married.

Protestant churches today often view this as a minor detail. A natural, easy thing to accept. However, we must realize the uniqueness of this action. Now, it may be that historically some priests had secret wives in Luther’s day, but there is still the difference that he married openly.

There is a bigger story though here. That is, Scripture and human history has a mysterious trajectory on its understanding of human relationships. And perhaps there is a lesson here for us to learn from in our present time.

In the older passages of the Bible we find an acceptance of marriage practices we would nowadays consider abhorrent. And, even in the gospels and later writings of Scripture, we find other human relationship practices surprising to us. Today we classify many of these activities as sexism, inhumane, and plainly wrong. And this is right and good criticism of the past, seeing it clearly and plainly in the light, juxtaposed against the values of Christ.

Now, when we look at relationships of others around us that we consider different, or even weird, we must ask ourselves what about those relationships makes us uneasy?

Perhaps we often disrespect what we consider different relationships around us because of our ingrained societal values. Perhaps little of our leanings actually has to do with eternal truths. And perhaps the relationships we see as odd today are accepted and honored in the Eternal Kingdom.

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