On Time

It is a wonder that Martin Luther was able to live out his life to the end, dying of natural causes. While most protesters of his day were tortured or killed, he lived. Why God granted him the grace to live out his life, we will never know.

Time remains one of the greatest mysteries of all. Even though we live in the dimension of time daily, we still can not understand it fully.

However, pondering time reveals our humanity and our reliance on an Almighty. We need a God that is bigger the human-known, a God that lives outside of time.

We do not understand why some have more time granted to them than others, but what we do know by looking at lives past and present is that God can work through us no matter what time He grants.

There is clearly no correlation of faith and time. Jesus only preached for roughly three years before he was crucified. And most followers of Christ in the early church died miserable, seemingly premature deaths. Meanwhile, Moses and Abraham lived for what seems like forever. In all cases though, their faith dwells beyond time, in a forever God.

So we, look towards the past, the present, and the future. And we realize that we are called by a forever God, called to live in this present time.

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