On Speaking Out

Yesterday, the reflection was about silence as an opportunity for self-discovery. There is more to be said about silence though, as it not only provides us with a deeper understanding of ourselves, but also a deeper understanding of God and what He is pushing us towards.

Eventually silence reaches a tipping-point and we have to speak out. It is up to our conscience to determine when that moment comes. And we should constantly pray for discernment about when to speak up, that we would speak when God desires us to. Not a moment earlier and not a moment later.

Now, we must not live in regret that we did not speak up at the right time in the past (God’s grace easily covers that sin; which I shall address more in a post later this week). But, we must instead go forward prudently and judiciously, as led by God and conscience, ready and willing to speak up when nudged.

Should we find ourselves avoiding silence altogether, then our actions will be hot-headed and rarely God-ordained. Oppositely, if we do not speak out when nudged by the Spirit and conscience, then our silence becomes unholy self-centered introspection and sinful conceit.

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