On Questioning

It is human to question. And it is up to God to answer. We fool ourselves if we think we are somebody wise and can fully understand God. And yet, we are naturally driven to seek out God. We desire to see Him as He is. And this is right and good.

A main aspect of this experimental journey (40 blog posts about faith and modernity) is asking questions. I started with “How is the Reformation relevant today?” And asking that question has lead me already to many more questions:

What is Christianity? What is true Christian faith?
What is faith in general?
Why do I believe what I believe? What do I believe?
And how is any of this relevant in my every day life?

The question I started with, “How is the Reformation relevant today?”, causes me to also ask “How CAN the Reformation be relevant in today’s modern world?” and “How SHOULD I make the Reformation relevant in my daily life?”

And here we come to the point: Questioning leads to new questions…and new questions lead to new understandings…and new understandings lead to deeper faith.

Now, anyone who says they have God, theology, or scripture all figured out is a false prophet. God is too big and complex to be fully understood.

In fact, when we start to put too much focus on arranging the puzzle pieces of the universe, we end up eventually cutting the edges of the pieces to make the puzzle fit our own intentions. So instead we must look for questions to our questions knowing that in the seeking we are seeing pieces of a grand puzzle and each piece is a beautiful gift from God. While we will not see the puzzle complete now, we look forward to the day we shall see Him as He is.

Seek and ye shall find…

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