On Purpose

Two benchmarks have been swirling in my head lately.  One is personal: my upcoming birthday. The second is perhaps a little more globally relevant: the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

With both those things on my mind, I’ve been contemplating life, faith, and the future.  As part of my mental journey I thought it might be worthwhile to publicly jot my thoughts between now and October 31, 2017 (official “Reformation Day”).  Over the next 40 or so days, I hope to create 40 or so posts that contemplate faith in today’s modern world and how we play a role in continuing the Reformation.

It is most likely that this blog will create more questions than answers. It is most likely that the thoughts I type today will be irrelevant tomorrow.  But that is kind-of the point:   to be part of the human experience and journey, simply pondering what truths are eternal.

I do not suppose to be a preacher, a teacher, a theologian, a prophet, or anything of that nature. I’m merely mortal flesh, designed by a Creator, examining faith and examining the world in which I live, attempting to see God in the midst of it all and walk alongside my fellow brothers and sisters of humanity.

I consider myself a Christ-follower, a Christian, a believer, a Lutheran…you pick the word. The views you will read here are “mine” you could say, but in reality they are shaped by the influences around me that have shaped me and my faith, including scripture, prayer, church, spiritual leaders, friends, and family.

So with all that being said, let the reformation fires burn…

One thought on “On Purpose

  1. My dear friend, I believe you are more than mere “mortal flesh” as we know that Christ has redeemed not only our flesh but our spirit as well! I thank you for you your personal reflection and feel as though it is a noble cause to be introspective about self in relation to the creator as we near the 500th Anniversary of Reformation Sunday. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your posts. Peace


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