On Reflection

Yes, a reflection on reflection. After all, if people like Martin Luther did not reflect on their faith, the Reformation would not have happened. We too must reflect on our faith. And I think there is merit to doing this both privately and publicly. In fact, I believe that is a hallmark of Luther and the reformers: balancing private and public reflections on faith.

For the last 40 or so days I have written just over 40 blog posts and the journey has been one both inward and outward. For every reflection mentioned here, there are other reflections in my heart and mind that stir around, and of which I am not ready, or prepared, to write about.

I hope and pray you take all of the writings on this blog with a grain of salt. I do not suppose to know everything, or much of anything. The purpose of this blog in general is to ask questions around faith and its role in our modern society, and not to provide perfect answers, even though I hope and pray some eternal truths might shine in through these posts.

Someone once taught me this analogy: that we should let things in to our hearts and minds like a revolving door. We let all things in, but some things we let back out. Others stick to us and become part of our character. This too is what I hope and pray for those that have read, or will read, this blog.

There were some things I hoped to discuss originally when I began this blog experiment, but (as is the case with most activities) I either did not have time, or felt led in a different direction while writing and meditating.

With that in mind, I am not going to end this blog experiment quite yet. My current “plan” is to continue this journey with posts twice a month or so (perhaps the 1st and 15th of each month), until the 501st Anniversary of the Reformation (October 31, 2018), Lord willing.

May the reformation fires keep burning in our hearts and in our world…

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