On Aspirations

For many of us, faith is such a part of our identity that we cannot imagine life otherwise. For some, faith is a foreign concept. For all of us, there is value in considering our faith aspirations.

The process of writing these blog posts has challenged me to define and re-define my faith aspirations using different words and imagery. One that keeps coming to my mind lately (which you may have noticed in other posts) is the idea of having a “rooted and fruitful” faith.

I particularly like this image as it stretches me in two seemingly opposite directions. One direction is deeper and internal, the other is outward and action-oriented. Yet, being both rooted and fruitful is necessary to thrive.

If we are simply roots, then we are a self-centered weed. Meanwhile, if we are not rooted at all, then we are a cut flower placed in a vase. And we all know that even a beautiful rose in a vase will eventually die without roots in soil, no matter how gentle our efforts to sustain it are.

Native prairie plants typically have deep, deep roots. When the cold winter comes, or when a wildfire breaks out, its the roots that will survive, and eventually the plant will return to the surface of the earth.

Above the soil we blossom and grow and become fruitful. It is here that our rooted faith becomes manifest, through our interactions with others. We may be more vulnerable above ground, but it is here that we see the sun, bask in its light, and demonstrate our beauty.

It turns out God is found both in the soil and in the sky. Thus, aspiring to be both rooted and fruitful makes us fully human, well and whole.

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