On Jesus (part three)

When we strip Jesus of His authority (see yesterday’s post) we inadvertently also strip away His dual humanity and divinity.

Yet, it is the most controversial and key claim that Christ-followers make: Jesus the Christ is both Savior and Lord. When we say He is our Savior, we affirm His full humanity and when we say He is our Lord, we affirm His full divinity. At the cross where He died we see Jesus’ humanity and through His resurrection we see His divinity.

The important thing is to not just leave this doctrine on some high shelf as a sort-of theory with little importance in our daily lives. Instead this belief should drive our lives forward today and tomorrow.

Jesus’ humanity displays to us a lifestyle we can live out here and now, and, in so doing, bring about His Kingdom (of which, we should see the first-fruits in our midst). At the same time, Jesus’ divinity allows us to look towards the Eternal with confidence.

Today, He is still fully human, as He affirms and embraces us before the Father of the Godhead; and fully God, as He rebukes and challenges us through the Holy Spirit.

May we see, hear, and act in response to the daily affirmation, embrace, rebuke, and challenge of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

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