On Scripture (part one)

If we look at the Reformation and conclude “it was merely the result of years of societal injustices that eventually lead to a tipping point”, then we are not looking at the entire picture.

What happened in 1517, and the surrounding years, was the result of what had happened to Scripture. At the time, the Word of God had become buried and re-worked into a new form of the old law, by the ruling authorities of the day.

So, when Martin Luther and the contemporaries of his day began to examine the Holy Bible, they were empowered and enlightened. From reading the Word, they were able to see God as He was and it spurred their response to the world around them.

Simply put, the Reformation would not have happened without Scripture. So, if we are to be empowered in our day to day, and enlightened in new ways, we too should turn to Scripture.

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