On Protest and Reform

The two roots of the Protestant Reformation: Protest and Reform.

To truly appreciate the Reformation and to discover how it can still impact our lives today, we need to value both of these roots.

Some people are only focused on protest, in the sense of resistance. To them, the goal of the Protestant movement is “restoration”. Meanwhile, some solely strive towards reform, and to them it is all about “creating something new”.

However, like many aspects of faith and society, the better response is somewhere in the middle. We must pray, hope, and strive (or, actively work) for a future the brings about the Kingdom society Jesus calls us toward (to be discussed more in future posts), while holding fast to truths pointed towards in scripture (again, another topic for another post).

When we embrace both protest and reform we work not just towards a future we want and desire, but also towards the future God desires for us. Like a well nourished plant, then our roots grow deeper (protest) and our branches bear new fruit (reform).

So we continue forward, always protesting and always reforming.


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